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lourdes perez: REVIEWS

"And when you listen (even if you don't understand Spanish), somehow you feel connected to places and people...extraordinary voice."
-ARRIBA Art & Business News
"smoky, spiraling Edith Piaf fronting the Gypsy Kings...Perez sings of her people with a supreme sense of humanity that enlarges them to signify all people."
Michael Corcorran - Austin American Statesman
"This woman is leaving a trail of sighs and faint whispers through the warehouse of CD Baby. With her soul-reaching, spine-tingling voice, every one of these tracks will hover over a room and fill the atmosphere with the smell of roses. Exquisitely solo as well as accompanied by spanish guitar, piano, cello, violin and accordion, this woman absolutely captivates. Check out every one of her albums- she is a rare, exotic and enrapturing artist with a command of her muse so strong that her audience will only continue to expand and grow."
"...this is no ordinary voice...palpable intensity...timeless grace and quality...dazzling new works...masterful violin accompaniment...
Peg Miller - -Third Coast Music
"An original...Though comparisons (to Sosa and Piaf) are apt...Perez is no's Perez' words...and her riveting voice that cause listeners to shut up and pay attention-close attention."
Jim Beal, Jr. - - San Antonio Express News
"5 STARS. Fabulous. Lourdes Perez is in a class all her own.
Jezzika Lee Perez - fan review
5 STARS. Bellissima !
"The words are coming directly from her heart...... The most beautiful thing my ears and soul have ever felt."
Lori [Loredana] Hess - fan review
" 5 STARS. Beautiful.
This is one of those albums that will fast become the most played disc in your personal selection. Highly recommended!"
Adama - fan review
"My response to the Lourdes Perez recording I received is a rousing standing ovation! Her renditions are powerful and emotional. They speak to my very soul, despite the fact that I do not understand Spanish. I am so thankful that we have performers like Lourdes in our otherwise imperfect world, those who are willing to take on a cause wholeheartedly, fight for it and devote their talent, their music to it."
Hani T. Azzam - fan review
"catch this legend before her prices go up!"
glynda cox - fan review

Conflama - Recommended

"Lourdes Pérez, the singer/songwriter from Austin and San Francisco, performed a dramatic and impassioned décima, a ten-line stanza that was one of Dr. Paredes’s favorite literary art forms: “Paredes, que tus escritos se vuelvan luceritos que en el universo ardan” (“Paredes, may your writings become little stars that burn in the universe”)."

Singing with the Fury of Angels by Alejandro Pérez

"Unless you have a heart of stone, bring some Kleenex..." 

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